Trailblazed Book Goes Digital

Off topic, but … as is apparent from the book cover appearing on the right of this page, I’ve written a book. Titled Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success the book reports on the findings of a study my consulting firm, the Alan Katz Group, conducted to identify the practices, procedures and perspectives common to high-growth producers (those achieving 20% sales growth year-over-year), but not to their less successful colleagues.

The book has been doing well (thank you all) and has been available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for some time. (And those of you who have read it and liked it, please feel free to leave a review on either of those sites. For those who read it and didn’t like it, please feel free to leave a nice review for a Tom Hopkins or Jeffrey Gitomer book).

As I give speeches about the Trailblazed Sales Project Study, I’ve been asked if the books were available in digital format. I can finally answer “yes.” Trailblazed is now available for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Nobles Nook, and Apple’s iPod through the Kindle or Nook apps. The eBook version of the Trailblazed includes the exact same content as the real world book, but contains a lot more pixels.

We now return to the regular Alan Katz Health Care Reform blog already in progress.

Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success

This is an off-topic post. Way off topic. But I have news to share: my book was published this week. The book, Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success, describes the findings gleaned from a study I conducted that sought to discover the behaviors and attitudes shared by successful sales people, but not widely practiced by their less successful peers.

The study, which was done in conjunction with Steven Miller, PhD of Miller Marketing Insights, focused on health insurance producers in six states who sell individual, small business and senior coverage. We focused on health insurance brokers for two very simple reasons. First, the study was underwritten by insurance companies and a general agency. Second, by law and regulation, health insurance brokers in a given market sell the same products for the same price. They are prohibited from offering discounts. They cannot alter the terms of the policy. As a result their sales success is based on what they do — and don’t do — rather than on what gimmicks they employ. When it comes to identifying the shared practices of successful producers, you couldn’t ask for a better context than that.

What will not surprise brokers who visit this blog with any regularity is that among the characteristics successful producers share are those that underscore the value brokers add to the health insurance products they sell. These include a commitment to the interests of their clients, a desire to be worthy of the trust those clients place in them, and a dedication to finding the right solution for their prospects’ unique needs.

Even more significantly, it turns out the practices, procedures and perspectives shared by successful producers help them master the massive changes that inevitably impact their business, whether those changes are the result of economic trends, losing a major client or new regulations. Given the need to prepare for the impact of health care reform, I consider this a welcome and reassuring finding.

Trailblazed will soon be available through online vendors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders (it takes a few weeks for the publisher to get the book into their systems). But the book is available now at  the Trailblazed Sales web siteAs a way of thanking readers of this blog, and to celebrate the launch of the book, from now through the end of April, the book is available at a 10% discount from the list price when purchased through the Trailblazed Sales web site. You can also learn more about the study there.

As most readers know, I write this blog out of a passionate interest in health care reform, as a forum where I can share my views on the topic and benefit from your views and perspectives. This is also where I can offer an occasional insight on an important issue and provide links to what I consider interesting news and useful resources.

This book is not about health care reform. For those sales professionals among you thinking about the future and how to prepare for it, however, my hope is that Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success will be an additional source of helpful strategies and ideas.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blog.