On Hiatus

For those paying attention (and my thanks to all of you who do) it’s clear there hasn’t been much activity on the ol’ blog of late. After writing over 300 posts in this and my other blog, I’m taking a bit of a break for the summer. However, it’s only a hiatus, I’m not abanding the blogs. So I look forward to resuming our conversation in the Fall. There will be a lot to talk about.

2 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Alan, I am glad to see that you are almost finished with your little break (I know it’s selfish on my part, but I miss your post). I didn’t think you would be able to take that long of a break seeing as we have some really important issues concerning health care and the Presidential election. I would like to hear your views on whether what we are hearing in this year of the new elect (concerning healthcare and/or universal health care)is just political talk (candidates spewing words they know we want to hear) or actual concern for long overdue reform our healthcare system needs?

  2. Hah! The month i am tracking healthcare reform blogs is the month you take off. You seem to be one of the only serious CA state healthcare reform blogs out there. Can you point me towards others that are specifically CA focused and active blogs (not organization sites)?

    California Media Collaborative

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